US is covering up Ukrainian terrorism – MoscowThe Russian Ambassador insists that Washington is ready to do everything to absolve Kiev of accountability for their atrocities Read Full Article at

The West is unwilling to “rein Ukrainian henchmen” when it comes to terrorist acts, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov has said

The lack of reaction from American officials to the deadly Ukrainian shelling of the Russian city of Belgorod demonstrates Washington’s willingness to ignore and whitewash any Kiev’s crimes against civilians, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has said.

On Sunday, Kiev’s forces launched a massive cross-border attack targeting the city of Belgorod with Tochka-U ballistic missiles and multiple rocket launchers. The attack resulted in the collapse of a multi-story residential building, killing 15 civilians and injuring at least 25.

“The reaction of American officials to the deadly strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on residential areas, or rather the absence of even a hint of condolences, is very telling,” the ambassador responded to the media on Sunday.

“It emphasizes Washington’s readiness to do everything to relieve the Kiev puppets of responsibility for their atrocities,” he added, noting that so-called “independent” media has totally ignored the fact that the city was struck at least ten times within the day.

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Scores killed and injured after Ukraine strikes Russian city – authorities

“Children, women, and old people are being killed with Western weapons. Some promises by Kiev not to use weapons it received from America on targets in our country are not worth a penny,” he emphasized, blasting the “ostrich” policy adopted by the collective West and the reluctance to restrain “Ukrainian henchmen.”

“Covering up terrorists is monstrous and inhumane,” Antonov stressed. He insisted that the only way to prevent further attacks on civilian infrastructure is to ramp up military combat operations to push the Ukrainian forces away from the Russian borders.

In recent months, Belgorod has become the main target of Kiev’s attacks with continued shelling and attempts by Ukrainian units to break through into Russian territory. The bombardment on New Year’s Eve left 25 people – all civilians – killed when a rocket hit the festive fair.

On Friday, Russian troops launched an operation in the north of Ukraine’s Kharkov Region, which borders the Belgorod Region and served as a main platform for the terrorist attacks.


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