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Most indicators suggest the US economy is humming along.Consumers aren’t buying it, per the latest monthly survey of how Americans feel about the economy.These charts show how gloomy Americans feel, despite the numbers.

Indicators be damned: US consumers are still gloomy about the state of the economy.

In the latest University of Michigan survey, the consumer sentiment index dropped a whopping 13% from April, after staying roughly the same since January.

“This 10 index-point decline is statistically significant and brings sentiment to its lowest reading in about six months,” said Surveys of Consumers Director Joanne Hsu.

Researchers found that consumers across demographics were worried that inflation, high interest rates, and unemployment would get worse in the year ahead.

Inflation worries were reflected in survey results that showed consumers predicted a 3.5% jump in prices over the next year, the highest guess about inflation since last November.


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