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Amazon is spending big on content and new hires as it takes on Netflix, Disney+, and others in streaming.It recently listed 255 job openings at Prime Video, 100 of them in the US.It’s paying up to $350,000 for product and tech roles to grow viewership and advertising.

While most of Hollywood has trimmed its entertainment budget, Amazon shelled out $18.9 billion on music and video in 2023, a 14% increase, according to its annual report.

Despite laying off hundreds in entertainment in January, the company is still hiring to build out Prime Video, home to mainstream fare like “The Boys” and “Reacher” and live sports programming like NFL’s “Thursday Night Football.”

Amazon recently listed 255 job openings in Prime Video on its site, including 100 in the US, from program managers to software developers.

These salaries represent annual base pay, which varies by geographic market and doesn’t include equity, sign-on payments, and other forms of compensation and benefits.

They include salaries ranging from $64,200 to $245,000 for digital program managers, $115,000 to $223,600 for software development engineers, and $63,000 to $151,700 for an advertising insights manager.

Read a breakdown of what Amazon pays Prime Video employees by job title

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