Russia expels Israeli citizen who wanted to fight for KievAn Israeli citizen has been expelled from Russia for trying to join the ranks of pro-Kiev forces, the FSB has said Read Full Article at

A former IDF soldier engaged “terrorist organizations” for possible membership, security officials have claimed

An Israeli national who allegedly offered his services to pro-Ukrainian armed groups has been deported from Russia, the security service FSB reported on Thursday.

The man, named Lancman Yuval, was described as a former member of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who was born in 1960. He was detained in the southern Krasnodar Region, the local branch of the agency said in a statement.

He had “an intention to join Ukrainian armed formations with the goal of taking part in hostilities against Russia,” the report said. To do that, the foreigner has been sending his personal data “to terrorist organizations banned” in the country, which he sought to join.

Russian law enforcement ensured a “controlled exit” from Russian soil by Yuval, who it was presumed would then return to his home nation. He was banned from returning to Russia.

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The agency released footage showing Yuval being escorted inside a detention facility and signing some paperwork – presumably a formal notice that his intended actions would have broken Russian law, which the FSB mentioned in its press release.

Israel has yet to comment on the incident.


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