Moscow appeals to UN over foreign interference in electionsRussia’s Federation Council has condemned Western attempts to interfere with this year’s presidential elections, in an address to the UN Read Full Article at

Russian lawmakers have called on international bodies and foreign parliaments to condemn attempts to disrupt March’s vote

Washington led a coordinated effort aimed at interfering with the Russian presidential elections held in March, the nation’s parliamentarians said in an appeal to the UN published on Wednesday. The document condemns the actions of the “collective West” and calls on international bodies and foreign legislatures to denounce attempts to disrupt voting in Russia.

The campaign started months before the elections themselves, according to the appeal, which was penned by Russia’s Federation Council, the upper house of the national parliament. It particularly points to statements made by Western officials and various documents adopted by Western bodies that described the elections as illegitimate, and called on governments around the world not to recognize them, even before any voting took place.

The Russian document specifically mentions a resolution adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in October 2023 and statements made by EU Parliament President Roberta Metsola in February 2024.

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The October PACE resolution branded Russia a “de facto dictatorship” and called on the Council of Europe member states “to recognize [President] Vladimir Putin as illegitimate” regardless of the outcome of the vote and to “cease all contact with him, except for humanitarian contact and in the pursuit of peace.”

In February, Metsola told the US state-funded RFE/RL broadcaster that the EU parliament “would never recognize” the results of Russia’s 2024 elections.

Attempts at interference continued during the three days of voting, the appeal said, adding that calls for protest actions and for outright illegal acts were spread “from abroad.” Such appeals posted on social networks in particular “provoked gross violations of the legislation in a number of Russian regions,” the document added.

The head of the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC), Ella Pamfilova, reported almost 30 cases of attacks on ballot boxes in 20 Russian regions during the vote. In eight cases, suspects tried to set the boxes on fire; in other instances, there were attempts to pour dyed liquids inside the boxes. The incidents resulted in a total of 214 ballots being “irreversibly damaged,” Pamfilova said at that time.

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She also said that the Russian electronic voting system faced some 160,000 hacking attacks during the elections. The Russian security services also reported hacking attacks on various government systems ahead of the vote. According to the lawmakers’ appeal, “more than 12 million cyberattacks” against the CEC website” were organized and carried out before and during the elections.

Ukraine, which is actively backed by Western nations in its ongoing conflict with Russia, resorted to brute force in its attempts to disrupt the vote in the Russian regions bordering its territory, the document states. Kiev’s forces “actively used unmanned aerial vehicles carrying explosives” in attacks targeting civilian infrastructure during the vote, it added.

Russian electoral commissions in Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions reported several Ukrainian attacks targeting polling stations, including drone strikes and shelling, during the weekend the elections were held. The attacks led to some injuries, the reports said at the time.

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Wednesday’s letter of appeal also mentions that a major terrorist attack in the Moscow region that claimed the lives of more than 140 people took place just a day after the votes were counted. Moscow has not officially named the suspected organizers of the assault on the Crocus City Hall concert venue, but Russian security services have repeatedly pointed to the links between the terror suspects and Ukraine.

The actions of the US and its allies ahead of and during the vote show that Washington and its allies had “grossly violated” international law, the UN Charter, and several major conventions prohibiting foreign interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations, the document stated.

The Federation Council “calls on the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations, and parliaments of foreign states to condemn the actions of the collective West that are coordinated by Washington,” it said. It also praised the stance of “the international majority,” which refused to join the US and its allies in denouncing Russia’s general election.


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