Students injured in school shooting in FinlandA school shooting took place on Tuesday in the Finnish city of Vantaa near Helsinki, police have said Read Full Article at

The three victims and the suspect are reportedly 12 years old, according to local media

A school shooting near the Finnish capital Helsinki has left three students injured, according to local media. The suspect and the victims are all reportedly 12 years old.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning at a lower secondary school in the city of Vantaa, just to the north of Helsinki. Police said they had been alerted to the incident just after 9am and arrested a suspect in the capital soon afterwards.

According to the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper, law enforcement initially stated the age of the victims as 13, but later corrected that information. An investigation has yet to determine how the alleged perpetrator came into possession of the firearm.

Students and teachers at the school, Sari Laasila, were told by officers to take shelter and wait for further instructions, the report added.


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