Massawa, 31 March 2024 – A crucial meeting took place on March 29 and 30 in Massawa, focusing on the implementation of the national measles and rubella vaccination program, which also includes the distribution of Vitamin A supplements. The event, organized by the Ministry of Health’s branch in the Northern Red Sea Region, brought together heads of social services from the sub-zones and healthcare professionals.

Mr. Tedros Yihdego, the head of national vaccination programs at the Ministry of Health, noted the ministry’s efforts to ensure the supply and guarantee the success of the vaccination program. He praised the success of past national vaccination campaigns, attributing it to strong community involvement and the dedication of healthcare workers. Mr. Tedros announced that the forthcoming vaccination drive will target children aged 9 months to 5 years and children aged 6 months to 5 years will receive Vitamin A supplements as part of the initiative.

Ms. Asmeret Abraha

Ms. Asmeret Abraha, the Governor of the region, emphasized the importance of timely information dissemination to prepare the public for active participation in the program. She urged sub-zonal administrators to contribute effectively to the effort.

The meeting included in-depth discussions on various issues and concluded with participants reaffirming their commitment to ensuring the successful execution of the vaccination program.


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