FSB detains three foreigners over terrorist plot in RussiaRussia’s FSB has foiled a terrorist plot in the country’s south and detained three foreign nationals allegedly seeking to detonate a bomb Read Full Article at RT.com

The suspects were allegedly preparing a bombing in the southern Stavropol Region

Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB), has claimed to have foiled a terrorist plot in the country’s southern Stavropol Region, detaining three suspects, all nationals of a yet to be named Central Asian state.

The agency announced the raid in a short statement on Friday and released footage showing surveillance over and the arrest of the suspects by heavily armed operatives.

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has prevented the terrorist activities of three citizens of one of the Central Asian nations, who had planned a terrorist act, seeking to detonate an explosive at a place of mass gatherings in Stavropol Region,” the agency said.

The suspects were found in possession of chemical ingredients to create a home-made explosive device, as well as a large amount of screws and nails, intended to serve as pre-made shrapnel.

The agency launched a criminal probe into the suspects, with the three foreigners now facing terrorism charges. If found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in prison.

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The announcement comes in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall outside Moscow last Friday. The attack claimed the lives of at least 144 people, with more than 200 wounded. The four suspects, who were apprehended by Russian law enforcement while attempting to flee into Ukraine, turned out to be nationals of Tajikistan.


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