Major Russian automaker planning to launch production in African nation – envoyEthiopia is working on a project to assemble Lada cars, Evgeny Terekhin says Read Full Article at

Ethiopia could start assembling Lada vehicles, according to Evgeny Terekhin

Ethiopia and Russian carmaker Lada are working on plans to set up a production facility in the country, Moscow’s ambassador to Addis Ababa, Evgeny Terekhin, told RIA Novosti on Monday. 

According to the diplomat, Lada already has a foothold in the east African country and has established a reputation for reliability, making Ethiopia a promising location for an assembly plant. 

“The domestic Lada is well known in Ethiopia and still makes up a significant share of the local taxi services. Their deliveries began in the 1970s,” Terekhin stated. 

The envoy noted that Addis Ababa already has “the necessary experience of cooperation with foreign partners,” and said discussions are underway on potential Lada assembly facilities.    

Local media reported in December that Ethio-Engineering Group (EEG) and Russian carmaker Avtovaz had signed an agreement to produce Lada vehicles in the African country.  

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Earlier this year, Avtovaz CEO Maxim Sokolov said the company could develop special modifications of its vehicles to suit African buyers, including a modified Lada Niva.


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