A selfie at Primark.

I visited Primark, an Irish fast-fashion chain, in New York in January.I thought it was only a clothing store, so I was shocked to see luggage, beauty, and home goods.Now I understand why more and more Primarks are opening around the US.

One of the biggest retail chains across Europe is Primark. In the United Kingdom alone, there are 191 locations.

The chain was founded in Ireland in 1969, and now there are 400 locations across the globe, with a goal of 530 stores by 2026, according to the brand.

The first US location opened in 2015 in Boston. Almost 10 years later, there are 16 stores, but Primark aims to open 60 by 2026, it announced in 2021.

I love a good discount store, like Dollar Tree or Five Below, but I didn’t know what to expect from Primark — which has been called the “Costco of clothes” by analysts — except that my friends who studied abroad in London during college loved its low prices.

New York’s Roosevelt Field location opened in November 2022, and spans 44,290 square feet of retail space across two floors, Long Island Business News reported.

I decided to visit in January after the holiday rush. Here’s what I thought of the experience.

I’ve never been to Primark before, but when I heard a location had opened in my local mall in Garden City, New York, I had to check it out.
Primark at Roosevelt Field.
I was immediately struck by how large the space was. I found out later that it had taken over a Bloomingdale’s Furniture location.
The first floor of Primark.
When I walked in, I was presented with these mesh baskets, which were larger than the typical store basket.
A basket at Primark.
But I opted for a wheeled basket, something I’d first encountered at Five Below and appreciated.
Basket with wheels.
This Primark has two floors, with the first floor containing Womens, Home, Lingerie, Beauty, and the cashier, among other things. Mens and Kids are on the second floor.
The floors.
One of the first displays I saw was a collaboration between Primark and Paula Echevarría, a Spanish model and actress.
Primark and Paula Echevarría.
The jeans from this collab, which had elastic waistbands, were $22. The full collection includes cardigans, coats, leggings, joggers, hats, and more.

Source: Primark

The section behind the collab displayed accessories. I spotted jewelry, socks, scarves, scrunchies, and other items.
I was drawn to the baseball caps, which were just $4. I decided to snag a white one, similar to a $58 Alo Yoga Off-Duty cap I lost last summer.
Crossbody bags were on sale for $6, down from $11. This clearance sign became a familiar sight.
Crossbody bags.
Primark manages to keep its prices so low partly because it relies on volume sales and doesn’t have an e-commerce business. You can browse items online but have to shop in-store.
I thought this was a solid dupe for some of the more expensive crossbody bags out there. I already have a couple, so I didn’t purchase it.
Trying a crossbody bag.
I also saw a sequined bag from the Rita Ora x Primark collab, which was released in September and consists of “169 pieces across knitwear, denim, tailoring, casualwear and outerwear, along with accessories and shoes,” Women’s Wear Daily reported.
Rita Ora x Primark.
I also spotted the first of many items from the Disney at Primark collection, including accessories featuring the character Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch.”
Disney products.
There were also bags covered with Donald Duck. One of the mini bags cost $12.
Disney products.
I headed across the floor to the Travel Shop, which displayed suitcases and travel accessories, like $8 neck pillows.
The Travel Shop.
I had no idea Primark sold luggage — and moderately priced luggage to boot. These were $65.
I saw Stitch again on a $60 suitcase. At this point, I needed to know what the obsession was with Stitch. It turns out this is a new collection released in January, but the first Stitch collection was released in 2016.
Stitch luggage.

Source: License Global

And there he was again, on eye masks, small backpacks, neck pillows, and other small accessories.
Disney products.
In the technology section, I saw a Stitch AirTag holder, which I purchased for $3. There were also phone cases, chargers, and AirPod cases.
Tech accessories.
Next to the travel items was the home section, which had pillows, glassware, and other home goods.
There was also a huge fake-flowers selection. One of the smaller bouquets cost just $2.
Fake flowers.
This display held room sprays and candles.
Home accessories.
And no section would be complete without a giant display of Stitch goodies. There was no Lilo to be found, though.
Disney products.
The middle of the store was dedicated to clothes. This section, labeled “Tailoring,” was selling $7 blouses. Some items seemed thin, like they might rip, but that’s not uncommon for fast fashion — if I wanted office-appropriate attire without Loft or J. Crew prices, I’d check here.
Behind it was this display marked “Jersey,” which contained basic sweaters and sweatshirts made of jersey that were priced at $12. Again, they felt a little thin, but they were soft to the touch.
There were graphic T-shirts all over the place. The “Harry Potter” one on the bottom left was $14.
Graphic T-shirts.
There was also a ton of “Barbie” merch, like this $26 oversize tee.
A “Barbie” shirt.
The Disney love continued throughout the store.
“Mulan” shirts.
There was a comprehensive selection of “Lion King” pajamas and accessories.
“The Lion King” products.
I moved on to Leisurewear, which seemed to take inspiration from basics found at higher-priced places like Alo Yoga or Lululemon.
I came across this cozy $20 sweater. It was warm and I liked the color — I snapped it up.
Another mirror selfie.
The Activewear section included workout gear like leggings and sports bras, which were $15. But there didn’t seem to be a large size range in this section from what I could see.
There were many Valentine’s Day items in the adjoining Lingerie section. It reminded me of Victoria’s Secret.
I saw different types of shapewear, as well.
As I continued my large loop of the first floor, Beauty was up next. The foundation I found was $7, while bronzer was just $2, which shocked me. Not even drugstore makeup is that cheap.
But some items were broken, like this eyeshadow palette. I found a similar issue during a recent visit to TJ Maxx. I’ll stick to Sephora and Ulta for my makeup needs.
A broken blush.
The last section before I headed upstairs was Shoes.
The sneaker dupes were solid. These Nike-esque black-and-white sneakers and the Converse look-alikes were both $10.
Primark also sold a cheaper version of the trendy cowboy boots I see everywhere on the streets of New York. These were just $30.
Cowboy boots.
I tried them on, but I didn’t love the fit. However the quality was nicer than I was expecting for $30.
A cowboy selfie.
These boots, which are similar to Uggs, were on sale for $5.
Before I spent too much time ogling shoes I didn’t need, I headed upstairs. I don’t have kids, so I didn’t look too closely, but there seemed to be a large selection of kids’ clothing and shoes.
There was also a Baby section.
Also upstairs was the Mens section. I spotted a $16 shirt and $6 shorts — apparently, it’s still summer in the Primark Mens section, even though it was a chilly January day.
Mens section.
Collared shirts were priced at $14 each.
Collared shirts.
It was time for me to try items on. A mirror told me the store had free WiFi, which I appreciated — this mall has famously terrible phone service.
Free WiFi.
The changing rooms weren’t fully separated by gender. There was a women’s section but also a space for any gender.
The changing rooms.
There were multiple mirrors in the stall.
Inside a fitting room.
I tried on a few things — cargo pants that were too small, a dress that bunched weirdly, a trench coat that was too big and too dark — but I only liked this $20 cropped Giants hoodie.
A Giants sweatshirt I bought.
There were registers with cashiers, but I preferred to use the self-checkout feature.
Before I left, I found a trench coat I liked way more than the first one I tried. This one was lighter and shorter. I ended up going back and purchasing it for $42.
One last selfie.
Overall, I spent $85 on two sweatshirts, a trench coat, and the AirTag holder. For a comparison, a trench coat at Abercrombie alone costs $160.
Checking out.
I was pleased with my Primark experience. It’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking for discounted clothes, accessories, and home goods. I could come here and get anything I needed, for the most part. I’ll be coming back soon.
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