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It is hoped that the findings will lead to more efficient breeding practices for pedigrees

Researchers in Russia have completed a 13-year study into the sex lives of cats, which they say will allow more effective breeding techniques for pedigree felines.

As part of the experiment, researchers from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) observed cat mating from 2010 to 2023 in veterinary clinics in the Russian cities of Lugansk and Omsk.  

Scientists monitored 102 cats of different breeds, including Siamese, Siberian, and Russian Blues. They observed the mating process of cats placed in a room with four video cameras.  

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They also measured the testosterone levels of male cats the day before mating, assessed the duration of intercourse and the humping reflex, ejaculation, and recorded the number of mounting attempts and mating motions.   

As a result, they divided the male cats into four types based on sexual temperament – uninhibited, lively, calm, and weak.  

According to scientists, the study will help to breed pedigree animals more effectively. Researchers have also applied for a patent for their method of determining cats’ sexual types. However, breeders are still at odds over which temperament is best for breeding purposes.  

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