The FBI has arrested a self-touted militia sniper who says he was planning to attack people at the southern border

Immigrants trying to cross the Texan border despite heightened security measures in Eagle Pass.

The FBI has accused Paul Faye Sr. of trying to sell an unregistered AK-47 suppressor.The FBI says Faye admitted to wanting to launch an attack on the southern border.Faye’s “war room” had multiple firearms, such as AR-15 rifles and a shotgun.

A self-touted militia sniper was arrested by the FBI and accused of trying to sell an undercover agent an unregistered suppressor for an AK-47.

But there’s more — the FBI says Paul Faye Sr. owned multiple weapons and explosives and was planning to launch a violent attack on people at the southern border.

Faye was charged with the possession of an unregistered silencer under the National Firearms Act, per a criminal complaint filed on February 2.

According to the criminal complaint, an undercover FBI agent contacted Faye via TikTok, after which the pair exchanged phone numbers.

Faye subsequently told three undercover agents during a meeting in April that he believed the federal government was intentionally letting in illegal immigrants because it would benefit the authorities, per the document.

When one of the agents met Faye in December, Faye said he was coordinating with militia groups from Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Faye then told the agent that he planned to transport explosives to the border, adding that he wanted to “stir up the hornet’s nest” and trigger a “domino effect.”

“I’ll be the first one on the scene, and the last one to leave,” Faye said during the meeting, adding that he would act as a sniper at the border.

“I would be on top that roof right there, zeroing out, taking out anybody,” Faye told the agent, per the complaint.

In January, two undercover agents visited Faye’s home, where Faye showcased his arsenal of weaponry. According to the criminal complaint, Faye’s “war room” was equipped with numerous firearms, including a Creedmoor rifle, several AR-15 rifles, and a shotgun.

Loosely organized groups have emerged in response to what some believe is a dire crisis along the southern border, rallying around the cause of repelling migrants from the US.

In January, BI’s Alia Shoaib reported that a convoy calling themselves “God’s Army” was gathering followers to stop migrants at the border. The group has more than 4,600 followers on Telegram as of press time.

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