Fox, ESPN, and Warner Bros Discovery will jointly start a new sports-streaming service.

ESPN, Warner Bros, and Fox will launch a new streaming service for sports.It’s set to launch this fall, but we still don’t know how much it will cost.It’s a huge deal — and could change everything about TV.

Take all the sports that run on ESPN and ABC. Add all the sports that run on Fox. And all of the sports that run on TNT and TBS.

Now combine them on one streaming service.

That’s what’s coming this fall, via a new joint venture, co-owned by Disney, Warner Bros Discovery, and Fox Corp.

We still don’t know some crucial details — including how much this thing is going to cost consumers when it launches.

But it’s a very big deal: For many people, sports — and specifically, NFL football — are the main reason to watch and pay for conventional TV. Now a huge swath of that will be available as a stand-alone streaming product. If it takes off, it will reorder the TV landscape.

Worth noting: Paramount’s CBS and Comcast’s NBC are not members of this joint venture, and both of those companies have significant NFL contracts as well as other major sports; CBS, for instance, shares the rights to the college basketball’s March Madness tournament.

So this service — name TBD, as well as the management team that will run it — won’t be a full replacement for sports fans.

But it’s going to be a significant change from the past, when TV networks kept their most valuable sports programming on their linear networks, even as they tried to build up their streaming options.

This is a developing story. Check back with Business Insider for updates.

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