Seminar for Nationals in Washington

Asmara, 28 June 2024 – Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet, Chargé d’Affaires at the Eritrean Embassy in the US, conducted a seminar for nationals in Washington and its environs on 23 June, focusing on the objective situation in the homeland and regional developments.

Mr. Berhane highlighted that the existing unipolar global system is transitioning to a multipolar one. He stated that Eritrea has successfully overcome external hostilities over the past decades and is now shining in global diplomatic forums. He also mentioned that Eritrea is earnestly working alongside partners to realize a judicious and inclusive global system.

Mr. Berhane commended the contributions of the Diaspora nationals to the successful resilience of the people and Government of Eritrea, and its Defense Forces in realizing national security and safeguarding national sovereignty. He further called on the nationals, at this promising stage of history, to strengthen their organizational capacity and contribute to national development programs.

Regarding the strengthening of the Eritrean community and public diplomacy activities, Mr. Berhane called for integrated efforts to develop activities that inculcate noble societal values in the young generation. He also emphasized taking advantage of opportunities in their country of residence for the benefit of their community and country of origin.

During the seminar, a briefing was provided on the 50th anniversary of the Eritrean festival set to be conducted next July in the United States.

In related news, a six-month activity assessment meeting, in which representatives of Eritrean organizations from 50 Italian cities participated, concluded with the adoption of various recommendations and resolutions.

The meeting presided over by Mr. Girmay Habtemicael, head of Public and Community Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, included extensive discussions on the report presented and the programs for the next six months.

Participants also expressed their conviction to strengthen resilience and contribute to the successful implementation of national development programs.

Ambassador Fesehatsion Petros provided an extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland and called for strengthening organizational capacity and participation in national affairs.