Regular Meeting of National Confederation of Eritrean Workers

Asmara, 10 February 2024 – The National Confederation of Eritrean Workers convened for its 5th regular Central Committee meeting and the 4th regular meeting of the Central Committee of Federations on the 6th and 8th of February, respectively, in Asmara. During these meetings, the activity report for 2023 was reviewed, and the plan of action for 2024 was presented.

Mr. Kibreab Kidane, the Deputy General Secretary of the Confederation, highlighted the commendable activities undertaken in 2023 through the collective efforts of all branches of the Confederation, along with the cooperation of Government and PFDJ institutions. He noted the implementation of major programs aimed at enhancing the political awareness of members, engaging in national greening and soil and water conservation efforts, and providing capacity-building vocational training, among other initiatives.

Mr. Kibreab also pointed out the Confederation’s strong relations with international labor unions and expressed a commitment to further strengthen these ties.

The meetings featured extensive discussions on the enforcement of labor laws, the expansion of ongoing training programs at the training centers, and the monitoring of workplace health conditions for workers.

Additionally, Mr. Kibreab called on members to intensify their efforts in broadening and strengthening the organization, contributing to the economic development of the Confederation, enhancing capacity, ensuring the health of workers at work place, and participating in soil and water conservation activities.

Correspondingly, at the 4th meeting of the Central Committee of Federations, representatives from the five federations presented their activity reports of 2023 and outlined their plans of action for 2024.

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