Public diplomacy by Diaspora nationals

Asmara, 05 July 2024 – Nationals residing in the US city of Dallas and in German city of Hamburg conducted public diplomacy activities.

Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet, Charge d’Affaires at the Eritrean Embassy in the USA, conducted a seminar for nationals in Dallas on 30 June. During the seminar, Mr. Berhane provided an extensive briefing on the current situation in the homeland and developments in the region. He also urged the nationals to enhance their professional and economic capacities and to strengthen their organizational capacity and participation in national development efforts.

Mr. Berhane emphasized that Eritrea is engaging constructively with partners to realize a new world order that benefits all peoples. He called on nationals residing in the USA to increase their awareness and engage in reinforced diplomatic activities. He noted that preserving and strengthening independence and national sovereignty, achieved through significant sacrifice, is the responsibility of every citizen. He commended the strong resilience and contributions of Diaspora nationals and urged them to continue their support.

Similarly, nationals in Hamburg, Germany, conducted a seminar focusing on the progress of national development programs and strengthening resilience and organizational capacity. Speaking at the event, Mr. Kibreab Tekeste, Eritrea’s Consul General in Frankfurt, highlighted the strong resilience of the Eritrean people in foiling external hostilities and hegemony over the past 80 years. He noted that the values inculcated have preserved Eritrea’s sovereignty, free political stance, and unity.

Mr. Kibreab also called on the nationals to enhance their unity, organizational capacity, and participation in national affairs.

The participants, in turn, expressed their conviction to strengthen their organizational capacity and unity and to play their part in national affairs.

The meeting in Hamburg was attended by nationals from various German cities.