Public Diplomacy Activities by Eritrean Nationals

Asmara, 8 February 2024 – Eritrean nationals residing in Demmam and its environs in Eastern Saudi Arabia convened a seminar on 2 February, focusing on the objective situation in the homeland.

During the seminar in Demmam, Ms. Weini Gerezgihier, Charge d’Affaires at the Eritrean Embassy, elaborated on the progress achieved in political, diplomatic, and developmental programs. She attributed these achievements to the resilience and commitment of the Eritrean people and its leadership.

Mr. Woldeselasie Gebremedhin, head of administration at the Embassy, also outlined the consular activities carried out in 2023.

Participants at the seminar expressed their determination to enhance organizational capacity and engagement in national affairs.

Similarly, the South Sudan branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women conducted its annual activity assessment meeting in Juba on 4 February.
During the meeting, extensive discussions were held on the report presented by Ms. Lula Tesfahiwet, head of the union branch.

Mr. Yohannes Teklemicael, Eritrea’s Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan, urged the union branch to actively participate in national affairs.

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