Monetary Support to Families of Martyrs

Asmara, 28 June 2024 – About 220 thousand Nakfa have been contributed in the sub-zones of Mai-Mine and Adi-Quala in support of the families of martyrs.

Government employees in the Mai-Mine semi-urban center contributed about 110 thousand Nakfa, while Government employees in the Adi-Quala sub-zone contributed 109 thousand Nakfa in support of families of martyrs in their areas.

Additionally, various administrative areas in the Mai-Mine sub-zone plowed arable lands and renovated the houses of families of martyrs.

A sum of 146 thousand 900 Nakfa, extended by Government employees and affluent individuals in the Akordet sub-zone, was distributed to families of martyrs.

Mr. Isak Tium, the administrator of the sub-zone, emphasized that supporting families of martyrs is the responsibility of every citizen and commended the initiative taken by Government employees and affluent individuals.

In related news, at a commemorative event held to mark Martyrs Day, nationals in Tripoli, Libya, contributed 3 thousand 227 Dinars towards augmenting the Martyrs Trust Fund.