Enhanced Healthcare Services in Gash Barka Region

Barentu, February 13, 2024 – Significant advancements in healthcare services have been reported in the Gash Barka Region, following the introduction of modern medical equipment and the addition of professional health staff. These developments were highlighted during an activity assessment meeting held on 11 and 12 February in Barentu.

Dr. Haielom Kidane, the regional head of the Ministry of Health, shared promising statistics illustrating the impact of these improvements. The percentage of pregnant women utilizing health facilities for childbirth has risen from 54% to 62%, while access to prenatal and postnatal care has increased from 86% to 96%. Additionally, there has been a 40% reduction in the mortality rate during childbirth. Efforts to combat malaria are also being intensified, showing the region’s commitment to tackling major health challenges.

Dr. Haielom further noted that the number of health professionals in the region has reached 955, leading to an 81% utilization rate of health facilities. The availability of basic medical supplies now meets 81% of the demand, and there has been a marked decrease in referrals for higher medical treatments, indicating an improvement in local healthcare services.

Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hirui, the Governor of the region, emphasized the significant investments made in medications, medical equipment, and manpower. He highlighted these contributions as pivotal in safeguarding public health.

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