Cars and Motor Bicycles Race in Asmara

Asmara, 30 June 2024 – The National Cars and Motor Bicycles Federation organized a race today in the Biet-Gergis area of Asmara.

The event was attended by Mr. Abraha Asfaha, Minister of Public Works, and Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sports, as well as numerous spectators from Asmara.

Col. Negusse Girmay, president of the federation, highlighted that the race, organized in connection with the 33rd Independence Day anniversary, continues the tradition of annual races. Col. Negusse emphasized that the objective of the race is to promote a sport with a long history in the country.

A total of 62 competitors participated in eight categories, including cars ranging from 1000 to 2000 cc and nine motor bicycles with 175 cc and 125 cc engines.

The race was broadcast live by Eritrean Television, and awards were handed out to the winners in the various categories.