Activity Assessment Meeting of NAEWDV

Asmara, 11 February 2024 – The National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans convened its annual activity assessment meeting on 9 February in Asmara.

Mr. Mohammed Nur Idris, head of Organization and Information of the association, highlighted the association’s steadfast efforts to ensure the well-being of its members. He called upon partners to bolster their participation and contribution to further strengthen the association’s endeavors.

During the meeting, reports were presented by heads of regional associations, focusing on the pivotal role of partners in enhancing the economic capacity of the association. Efforts to improve the livelihoods of war-disabled veterans through engagement in small-scale trade activities, including bakeries, poultry and fish farming, and other initiatives, were also emphasized.

The reports revealed that in 2023, over 6 million Nakfa in loans were distributed to 405 members, marking a one-million Nakfa increase compared to 2022.

Extensive discussions were held on the presented reports, leading to the adoption of various recommendations. These included proposals for increased partners’ contributions, the implementation of sustainable awareness-raising activities, project design, intensified efforts to develop the economic capacity of the association, and ongoing follow-up on physiotherapy centers, among other initiatives.

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