All the beauty products ‘TikTok Olympian’ Ilona Maher is packing in her bag for Paris

Ilona Maher’s Olympics essentials include lipstick and sunscreen.

US rugby player Ilona Maher is headed to her second Olympics.BI asked the star athlete what essentials she’ll be bringing to Paris.Maher told BI she’s packing sunscreen, lipstick, mascara, and products from her own brand, Medalist.

TikTok’s favorite Olympian, Ilona Maher, is ready to return to the Olympic stage with USA Rugby in just a few short weeks.

Maher, 27, went viral sharing her Olympic Village experiences during the 2020 Games in Tokyo and has since built a brand around fashion, body positivity content, and advice for young girls and women in sports.

One of Maher’s most prominent messages is that girls and women in physical sports like rugby don’t need to sacrifice their femininity or beauty.

“That’s a little bit why I wear the lipstick when I play,” Maher said at the Team USA Media Summit in April, as reported by “I can tackle hard and run hard but also, you know, still feel beautiful and still bring that into it. It’s not like you have to sacrifice that.”

So, when former Division I swimmer and founder and CEO of Odyssey Public Relations Ann Ragan Kearns approached her with an idea for a skincare brand by athletes for athletes, Maher was on board.

Business Insider spoke with Kearns and Maher to learn more about their brand, Medalist, and all of Maher’s must-have beauty essentials for Paris.

Of course, Maher will be packing products from her new skincare brand, Medalist.
Maher is bringing Medalist’s “The Locker Room Essentials” kit.

Medalist’s products so far include an anti-chafe balm, face wipes, and a hydrating facial spray, which comprise “The Locker Room Essentials” kit.

Maher said she plans on using the hydrating spray during her post-match routine in Paris.

Speaking to BI about Medalist’s launch, she said it was interesting to learn about different athletes’ specific needs, which informed the products they should prioritize.

“We interviewed a lot of soccer girls, and they were like, ‘Oh, you know, we like to come off the field and I want to wipe away the sweat, the sunscreen, the dirt,'” she said.

She said the hydrating spray was “for everybody” but could be especially useful to swimmers who may feel “extremely dry” coming out of the pool.

“It was just kind of finding these things that everyone can universally use, but also that they need and these certain sports needs,” Maher added.

Sunscreen is not negotiable for Maher.
Maher uses Sun Bum skincare products.

Maher said sunscreen will be important in the Paris heat — reported the city’s average daily high in July and August is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit with an average humidity of 66%.

“We’ve already been doing heat acclimation, we’ve been doing sauna and all sorts already to get ourselves ready for that,” she said. “So definitely sunscreen to really protect myself.”

Her go-to brand is Sun Bum, she said.

Sunscreen is a key form of protection against skin cancer and sun damage. New York-based dermatologist Marisa Garshick previously told BI that “even on a normal routine day, it is important to be reapplying, every day, every two hours, even if somebody is just in the office or going for a walk.”

“The bottom line is when buying facial sunscreen, find one that is broad spectrum, SPF 30 or higher, see if it’s water resistant, and if not, plan accordingly,” Garshick added.

Maher’s go-to lipstick is the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick.
Maher uses Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade De-Stresser.

Maher, who is sponsored by Maybelline, told BI she loves “wearing makeup on the field.”

“That’s my main thing. I love wearing lipstick and feeling feminine and kind of doing that while I play such a tough sport,” she said.

Her go-to shade for game day is De-Stressor, a bright coral pink that retails for $10.99.

“I wish it was a better beauty routine, but honestly, that lipstick is so good, I just leave it on the whole day,” Maher said.

Her game-day makeup routine also includes the Tarte Tartelette tubing mascara.
Maher uses the Tartelette Tubing Mascara.

“I’m really into Tarte mascara. That’s what I wear when I’m on the field,” Maher said.

The Tartelette Tubing Mascara retails for around $27 at retailers including Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Target.

Maher is also planning to purchase a signature scent for the Olympics.
Maher wants to find her signature Olympic scent.

“I’m gonna get a scent, a perfume, at the store before I go in the duty-free in the airport and wear that perfume as my Olympic perfume,” Maher said.

“It reminds me of the Olympics, which could be good and bad, we’ll see — I cry every time I put it on,” she joked.

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