‘Perfect Match’ star Jessica Vestal says Harry Jowsey lied to her about kissing Melinda Berry until the show aired

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal starred in “Perfect Match” season two.

“Perfect Match” star Jessica Vestal said Harry Jowsey lied to her for months about kissing Melinda Berry.In season 2 of the dating show, Harry kissed Melinda while dating Jessica, but hid it.Jessica told the “Viall Files” podcast that she found out the truth when the series finale aired.

Jessica Vestal has opened up about the kissing scandal in “Perfect Match” season two, claiming that Harry Jowsey lied to her about it until the show aired.

Jessica and Harry were initially a popular couple in “Perfect Match” season two, one of Netflix’s most-watched shows in June.

But they were at the center of the series’ biggest controversy after Melinda Berry, another contestant on the show, claimed Harry kisse her behind Jessica’s back.

The kiss scandal started in episode eight, but Harry fiercely denied the rumor. Jessica broke up at the beginning of episode 10.

Netflix never showed the kiss onscreen. But in the final moments of the finale episode, Harry and Melinda were shown trying to sneak off camera, and Harry asked the camera crew if they caught the kiss — suggesting they kissed by he lied.

A few days after the episode aired, Harry admitted to the kiss on his podcast, “Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey.”

While fans had to wait a few weeks to find out the truth about the kiss, Jessica said she had to wait almost a year.

Jessica told Wednesday’s episode of the “Viall Files” podcast that Harry never told her the truth about the kiss.

“They didn’t show us that footage at the finale,” Jessica said, referring to the clips of Harry and Melinda shown in the finale. “I watched it in real time with everybody else.”

Multiple contestants said the series was filmed in the summer of 2023.

Jessica said she and Harry dated for over a month after the series finished filming, but he still didn’t tell her the truth.

“He had nothing but time, space, and opportunity to say, ‘Hey, this is actually what really happened. I’m telling you so that you don’t have to see it when everyone else does, and he didn’t give that to me,'” Jessica said.

Jessica went on that she is no longer in contact with Harry.

“After seeing the footage and what actually happened that changed everything. We will probably never speak again,” Jessica said.

Jessica added she was “hurt” and “humiliated” when Harry posted about the kissing scandal while she was processing the season two finale.

Jessica didn’t specify which post it was but said it was the last post he made. It could be the post below, whihc he made to the sound of Sabrina Carpenter’s single “Please, Please Please.”

Jessica said she had asked him to stop posting about their relationship on social media on multiple occasions, but he refused.

“His response was, ‘I hate that you’re experiencing that. Unfortunately, I know how that feels to be beaten up on the internet and I just want you to know that I’m here if you ever need anything,” Jessica said, adding that he never deleted the post.

Representatives of Harry Jowsey did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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