Yep, people still haven’t forgiven Ted Cruz for Cancún

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Some people are still mad at Ted Cruz for leaving Texas high and dry during deadly storms in 2021.Cruz’s post on Hurricane Beryl had people reminding him about how he vacationed in Cancún in 2021.”You’ll probably avoid it on your flight to Cancun right,” said an X user.

Some people still haven’t forgiven Sen. Ted Cruz for flying to Cancún while Texas weathered deadly winter storms in 2021.

As Hurricane Beryl slammed Texas as a category one hurricane on Monday and knocked out power for nearly three million homes and businesses, Cruz reposted an X post from “MattressMack.”

The post showed Gallery Furniture owner James McIngvale, also known as “MattressMack,” talking about how the furniture retailer would support Texans during this hurricane as it did during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Mack is an American hero.

Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) July 8, 2024

“Mack is an American hero,” Cruz wrote in his repost.

He added: “Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.”

But people were not so easy to forgive — or forget. Cruz’s post was flooded with comments reminding him of how he went on a vacation to Cancún, Mexico, while winter storms in 2021 took the lives of nearly 250 Texans.

Cruz took his family to the five-star Ritz-Carlton resort in Cancún but cut his trip short after receiving immense backlash for leaving Texas during a crisis.

There’s such a PROFOUND LACK of self-awareness in this from Ted Cruz, retweeting someone saying “We’re here for you” before a natural disaster, which only serves to remind people that Mr. Cruz infamously was NOT “here” for Texas during an earlier natural disaster, but in Cancun.

— Robert Elisberg (@relisberg) July 8, 2024

One X user, calling him “Cancun Cruz,” wrote that, unlike Cruz, “Mack actually stays and helps people.”

“Got your flight booked to Cancun for Monday?” the user added.

Unlike YOU, Cancun Cruz, Mack actually stays and helps people. Got your flight booked to Cancun for Monday?

— Jane Skelton (@JaneSkelton) July 8, 2024

Another X user quipped: “Instead of storm warnings, Texas sends out a text whenever Ted goes to the airport.”

Cruz did express some regret for his trip to Cancún back in 2021 after Texans gathered outside his home to protest.

“It was obviously a mistake, and in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,” Cruz said to reporters outside his house in the aftermath of the storms, which left millions without clean drinking water, power, and heat.

However, a year later, he joked about the trip as another winter storm approached Texas.

Writing about inflation, he joked that ticket prices to Cancún were “up 32%” in an X post in February 2022. The joke didn’t land well at the time, either, if the comments on that post are anything to go by.

Representatives for Cruz didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.

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