Putin calls for ‘complete end’ to Ukraine conflict

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Moscow wants to resolve the crisis for good and not simply establish a ceasefire, the Russian president has said

Russia wants to fully resolve the Ukraine conflict, rather than just agreeing a ceasefire or freezing the hostilities, President Vladimir Putin has said.

The statement came after Putin met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Moscow on Friday. Orban traveled to the Russian capital to discuss ways of finding a peaceful and diplomatic resolution to the Ukraine conflict.

Speaking at a joint press conference following their meeting, Putin stated there should not be a “ceasefire or some kind of pause that the Kiev regime could use to recover losses, regroup, and rearm. Russia is in favor of a complete and final end of the conflict.” Putin noted, however, that the conflict can only end once a number of conditions are met.

Specifically, the Russian leader stressed that Kiev must withdraw its forces from Donbass as well as the former Ukrainian regions of Zaporozhye and Kherson, all of which officially became part of Russia after voting in public referendums.


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